Complex cartoon amalgams chart the waters of the human experience in coded surrealism - ecstasy, escape, social fringes, prisons of the mind - and all end up driving towards a declaration of deliverance. The nature of my painting is centered around the enduring evolution of forms - suggesting limitless potential for expansion, movement, and transformation.

I layer paint, sometimes with mindful intention, other times less so, creating characters and components that meld and mingle together. I iterate on these atoms and molecules until the air of the arbitrary vanishes, and the paint falls into positions that feel destined. I am interested, both visually and conceptually, in dissolving and distorting notions of playful vs. sinister, east vs. west, distinction vs. depravity, humanity vs. technology and mythology vs. science.

Sammy is an Artist born and raised in New York City 🗽 He came of age in the city’s tumultuous post-9/11 arena and developed his craft amidst designers, engineers and technologists as part of New York’s Silicon Alley digital ecosystem 📟 With interests ranging from anthropology and history to physics and biology - from Epicureanism to the transformative effect of the handaxe on humanity - a wide breadth of knowledge informs much of his work 📓

Sammy was born to Moroccan and Belgian parents and raised in the Queens borough of NYC 🌎 The impact of his multicultural upbringing between NY and Paris, where he went to University, contributed to a healthy blend of influences and a diverse set of cultural stimuli 🧬 From graffiti of the early aughts to his grandmother’s talks on the Evil eye, these influences continue to play themselves out in his work 🧿

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